James Hill Demo 2016 from James Hill on Vimeo.

Shot Breakdowns
Fat Princess Adventures: 
I joined Funbits during the early production phase of Fat Princess Adventures. Throughout the year and a half of production I was responsible for creating all the in-game VFX for combat, cinematics, and ambient environmental fx as well as maintining performace, scripting, and scalibility.

We created our own in-house GPU particle engine, but due to production constraints, we never had a true particle editor. This meant that I had to code all of the particle fx using the Playstation Shader Language(PSSL). I worked with our graphics engineers to help streamline this process, but all of the fx were created in Notepad++

Fire, smoke, liquid, and blood textures were created in Phoenix FD for Maya, and many other textures were painted in Photoshop or After Effects

Murdered: Soul Suspect:
Shot 1: Made the smoky materials that emit for the enemy, polished the materials on ‘soul’ shader

Combat: All vfx and materials on Roman and enemy and hide objects. Including pre attack, attack, execute, and death of player and enemy. Original death vfx by Ernie Eastlund

Environment FX: All vfx and materials in shots. Fire, smoke, rolling fog, ghost objects materials and fx. Lens flares, blooms, rain materials and lighting fx

Material FX: Shot: Material fx on ghost graffiti disappear and appear cinematic, teleport fx. I also made the materials for the reveal and remove objects seen throughout the game

Ronan Dies Cine: Compositing and Gun FX by Ernie Eastlund. I worked on the impact fx on Ronan, and the material transitions on the bullet holes and the blood.