During production of Dark Void I was responsible for creating as well as optimizing and placing foliage seen though out the game using IDV Speedtree. In this scene I worked on proxy placement, plants and trees, ground terrain, and ground shaders.


I used Zbrush to create the larger trees including stumps that were used for player cover seen throughout the game.


I was involved in early proxy level layout thru to final prop placement as well as working with game designers to lay out combat spaces.


I was in charge of placing large quantities of Speedtree vegetation that was visible from extremely long draw distances. I also created the beaches, terrain shaders and various watcher tech seen in the level.


In this level I was given a chance to layout the flight space in its entirety with exception of the watcher base and turrets.


I created the Watcher shield cover objects and their shaders, I also worked on several watcher tech parts that required animated shaders.


I was tasked with creating areas that could be used to slow the player down while streaming in the next part of the level, above is one occurrence.


For the last level of the game I worked on the large towers, floating debris, the watcher portal and platform (seen here and in the final in-game cinematic)and I used Zbrush to create the crater below it.